Monday, July 16, 2012

Cold weather in the Bay Area....

that's right. BURR. it's cold. And there's this wind blowing that makes me wish i was bundled up in one of my super comfy heavy sweaters warming my fingers on a hot mug of cocoa with tiny marshmallows. Wait, what season are we in? Fall? Winter? oh no that's right it's Summer in the Bay Area.

So my weekend was pretty girly. I went shopping. One of my favorite places for jeans is Ross, I look in the juniors section and the womens section, because sometimes you can find THE pair in either one. Well I got my size 8's in Womens and size 9's in jrs and brought one pair of size 7's in with me, just in case. ALL of the jeans were too big, except for the size 7 skinny jean. People! it is official I'm down a size!!!  I was super stoked about my weight loss finally showing on the clothing front, i gave the lady my unwanted jeans and skipped to the jr aisle to see if i could find some cool jeans in my size. My heart sunk. There were 4 pair of jeans and all had some ugly butt stamp on them. I went over to the women's section praying that there were size 6's and there weren't any. sigh. I'm not even going to tell you the fiasco at the counter with the new girl and her frozen terminal and having to stand there while they rescanned my crap three times then finally moved me to another i'm not going to tell you about that.
I gave up on Saturday trying to find some jeans, but Sunday was a new day and I decided to go to Forever 21. I LOVE Forever 21. Love it. I can hang out there all day and just keep finding things i want. So I took a DEEP breath and told myself, just grab jeans. It was my mantra. I entered the store and my brain was like grab that-to this cute dress, grab that to a babydoll dress on sale and i was about to grab this yellow shirt when i stopped because I don't wear yellow. I stood there and scanned the store and saw JEANS!!!  I went directly there and got my new size, prayed they'd fit, went into the changing room and found two pairs i loved. I decided i hated the dresses (which I didn't) and ran to the cashier. Upon bringing my purchases to the cashier, i had to go through the obstacle course of cute cheap shit and grabbed some nail polish, a couple of cute cheapy purses, and a shopping bag. Upon scanning the girl says, "These jeans are buy one get one free. You can get anything on the sale racks for equal or lesser price." GULP. I just ran and grabbed the same kind of jeans i just bought. I was not going to be trapped into shopping. NO NO NO. phew. relieved after leaving the store with my new jeans, I decided it was time to go home and purge some of my things. 

I started with my underwear drawer and weeded out some under things i no longer wear. The bras were the hardest, but i managed to get rid of 4 that i don't wear and now my collection is at an even 20. I moved on to my old jeans. I can't part from some of them. They've been my comfy cozy jeans for the last 5 years. My jeans have actually grown and shrunk with me...I think. sigh. well i didn't throw them out. I only threw out the ones I have hated wearing for the last couple of years. So yeah that was only two pairs of jeans....really my purge didn't make more room for anything, but i did try my best to get rid of things. I just really like my wardrobe! going forward though, i think it's complete for a couple of seasons. Who the hell am i kidding....anyone who reads this blog knows i love clothes, shoes, bras, barbies etc....

i've got to stop though, for so many reasons, even though i'm paying those things off.  It looks like Bella will need more vet care, but we'll talk about that tomorrow....
tootles peeps.

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