Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I feel giddy!

Tomorrow is a day off; a holiday; a day to sleep in!!!!!!!  
Thank you Lawd!!! Praise Jayzus.  
this pic was taken by Martin Patten. I found it on the net, but if you like it you should click on the pic and it will take you to his stuff. Can't believe he got this shot...amazing...prayz jayzus indeed.

I woke up to the sounds of Bella puking foamy stuff on the carpet. She then wanted to go potty, so I had to wake up a few minutes earlier and start my day.  She's fine, by the way and my carpet will need to be cleaned during my lunch break, because my carpet cleaner is LOUD and i do have some respect for our neighbors in the AM.

Ribs...still salivating and hoping for Ribs....slow cooked....yummy and  melt in your mouth ribs.... So how many of you want ribs now?
hahns market,  Best ever BBQ ribs recipe check it out.
How about now?
ok now i'm just being silly....So I figure the following things make me proud to be an American and also thankful we live here. Here you go:

So many states and counties in this country are turning over their ridiculous BSL laws. That makes me proud to be an American, right now...I mean if they were trying to make them illegal than I'd be fucking mad.

I just said Fuck...that's my right. Thank you for Freedom of Speech, even though it seems that too many ideas and thoughts get censored...but whatever...I said "fuck" so deal with it. I still think we have it better than other countries. I said something that some women can't even say in other nations..

As a woman i think i'm mostly proud of my freedom to be "equal to a man" (a lot of people may argue with this, but where I'm at I'm pretty good).  I can own property. I can vote. I can by a car.I can rent my own apartment. I can do anything. I can pee standing up, which isn't the most comfortable feeling in the world, but still. I know I'm a human being and a man will not make me feel lesser than them.  I thank the U.S. for that. I thank them, because I grew up with that knowledge and core idea. There was never any question.

In summation, I'm thankful for ribs, photographers like Martin Patten who can get such great photos of squirrels, sleeping in, paid days off, pitbulls and the counties and states who are finally waking the fuck up, my freedom of speech, the word fuck and gender equality.

Have a happy 4th of July and please, please, please be safe. Don't drink and drive. And watch out for those assholes who do.

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