Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My dog is coughing...

rather she sounds like she's trying to push snot out of her throat. My vet tech neighbor/friend says it may be kennel cough. UGH.  Not good. I texted the new pups' parents and asked if she's been coughing. Haven't heard back from them yet. I hope it's a no, because that would suck for the pup to get kennel cough(she has gotten her first round of shots).  I figure wait a couple of days and see if Bella gets better. Dogs can get colds...which i wasn't aware of, so i'm hoping it's just a cold and NOT kennel cough. I need to hear back from these parents....parents texted back, no puppy coughing! that's good news.

It was another quiet night. Slowly i'm accepting Delilah being gone. I feel better knowing she's in a good place. I was finally able to put some pots and pans away. We had the crate against the counter blocking my drawers for pots and pans. Bella and I laid on the couch, placing her head on my shoulder and we watched Buffy together. I'm pretty lucky. I have a really good dog. I can tell she's a bit confused and now that she's a little sick, she's probably not too happy. I have to take her on a walk today and let her sniff at everything.

What should i make for dinner???
i'm defrosting some ground beef. maybe a super yummy beef quesadilla with extra extra cheese and avocado...simple huh!

I also need to make something for my companies potluck on Friday. Sometimes i get so lazy that i buy something the morning of, but this time we have a theme-MEXICAN! I'm feeling like baking something....because that's easiest for me...Let's see what we can find....

If i wanted to bake, this would be a good morning treat! I love Annie's Eats.
Raspberry Sour Cream Coffee cake
ok so i decided to keep looking on Annie's eats because everything she has is amazing....

Hey pinterest what do you have to offer:

Really this is all that is speaking to me for the party...which one should i make?

Heirloom tomatoes are the bomb people. My coworker gave me some and while i was prepping my spring mix salad, i realized i had some delicious tomatoes. I may not bring them home....I may though, because i want to make some roasted tomatoes with cheese for dinner too...shrug...i gotta stock up on some heirloomy goodness.

tata peoples.

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