Thursday, August 2, 2012

Buh Bye Shower.

We will not have a shower for a couple of days, but a new shower will take it's place in the end!  Sort of exciting....I am not happy about not being able to shower tomorrow morning though. Wish they could put a bathtub in there instead, but our bathroom is the size of a smaller walk-in closet so that's not gonna happen.
When we were looking to move out of our studio apartment (long story short-the Gerr got us a puppy named Bella and we were living in an apartment that only allowed cats. Bella ran up to our landlord and we were told we had to either get rid of the dog or move. She was very very nice about it actually.) we were in a hurry because I literally cried every day Bella was not with me. Gerr found this place and it had a front yard, big kitchen, two bedrooms etc..and we said we'd take it; we were in a hurry. As we moved in we realized the tiny bathroom was painted shit brown and there were NO closets. We've pretty much made do with the inadequacies of the house; we traded closets and a bathtub for our Bella 24 hours a day.
I think the new shower will keep me happy for the remainder of the time we stay in our house. It's something new and I like new things.

Let's look at some cool bathrooms....let us all dream together...shall we?

I like this a lot. you get a view while you soak in your victorian bathroom....mmmm...imagine: it's pouring rain outside and so gray it's almost black, thunder and lightning....oooh...candles everywhere...yes yes...i like this....

I like the shower design. I think that's totally neat.

Zoinks!! that's awesome. i truly love this idea. and think about cleaning it? just spray everything like this one a lot.

 i love the curtain here. the tub is awesome too.

while i was on my search for awesome bathrooms i also found some that I had questions about....
i don't think i could pee in here without a massive panic attack. 
what's with the plates? am I eating in the bathroom now? or is this for a studio apartment? 
Anyone, besides me, notice the crappy tv on the stand with wheels? Can we say hazard?
what is this? Darth Vader Shower?
why are there chairs in these pictures? will i have an audience while i bathe? or will i be so tired after bathing that i will be required to sit often?
no i don't want this in my bathroom. 
 i live in California. That lid would fall right on top of me during an earthquake while i was bathing and BAM, i look like a pod person? that would be a no....

alright that's all the brilliance i have in me today. Enjoy your friday and the weekend!! 

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