Monday, August 13, 2012

Sometimes good things do happen...

I may have found a home for the pup, who i've named Delilah. now comes the hard part, finding a place that will get her spayed ASAP.  I called the couple this morning to make sure they're still in. I mean, this is a puppy with puppy dermatitis, she already has an ailment which i can only pray will go away with the treatment. We'll see though. I hope this is her home, because they've already done so much work researching and talking to trainers. I like people who are proactive and doing their research.  I can only pray they call me back with a whopping YES. I want to get the puppy fixed and hand her over to them, so she can start a brand new life with two caring people.

When they left the house yesterday,  I broke down in tears. This is hard work. I have tried my best to not get attached to her. I gave her a name because she needed one, but i tried not to make it a name I would name my own dog.  I've tried to limit my kisses and affection, but that's just not possible. I feel she needs it since she's so young. I watch her and Bella play and I can see that Bella loves her little buddy. It's also quite cute to see them lay side by side on the couch after they've tuckered each other out.  I know that having her go to another home is the best thing for her. My dog needs me.

I would love another dog one day. I think the safest thing to do is wait a year and make sure Bella doesn't get something else. How about a year of NO SURGERIES????   Help us out Higher Power....I'd also love to be in a house too; my own house. 

I hope this adoption works out. Once i hear from them, i will go on my search to get the pup fixed.

Here are some pictures for everyone to enjoy.


I want to thank and for helping me, advising me and assisting me with the goal to give this puppy a good life. Seriously these two small organizations have really helped me. By just offering to help me and advising me and offering to put up a listing on petfinder or even accepting the pup as part of the rescue; all of their words encouraged me. Everything they've said, offered...etc...has made me more compassionate. I hope in the future I can help them. I want to. 

By the way, the following two dogs need homes:
and jolie
they're both at the dogshack and they need homes.  
Thanks for reading.

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