Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bella and I should be quarantined...

Maybe we're both ill? I HAVE AN's not all the time, but it comes and goes and can we say OW???? annoying much??? WTF! Bella's actually doing much better, heard one cough yesterday and the rest of the day she was fine. I think she's stressed though, her buddy is gone...i hope she doesn't think she'll be gone soon way jose NEVAR!

***I would like to thank the 30 or so people who view my page each day. Thanks. You can leave comments you know...i know, i don't really offer much to comment about i but thanks anyway, you make a girl feel good.  I do have to add, it seems as though, when i talk about animals i get higher page views! Better start saving more of them and driving myself crazy!!***

I'm in trouble today. I bought purses. Imoshion was on sale and i mean SALE on hautelook. I even got my "Poptart" to buy some...seriously the prices are ridonk...(say it like this REEDONK-short for ridonkulous.)

I woke up this morning to a lot of foggy coldness. yup people, the bay area is starting to get chilly. What do i wear today? A dress. with Boots. Because that's my favorite type of outfit, by the way.
oh poop I forgot my phone at home today. I'll get it by the time i post this, because i need to take a pic of my cute outfit, duh.... oh and my cool ring...:) ok couldn't take a pic of myself and my cute outfit...but here's my new ring!

Thinking about food again...What to make for din din??? You see i'm thinking of using my crockpot to make some lentils...and then i thought well why not make a soup and have it for dinner....I have a 30 minute lunch break to decide what to throw in the crockpot...I'll share tomorrow my recipe and if it came out tasting good, if it doesn't then nevermind...

I have two avocados sitting in my kitchen....I also have about three heirloom tomatoes that are so juicy they want to explode in my hand. Last night I made a 2lb quesadilla...and people, i ate it all. I'm so bad. Really, there were a ridiculous amount of calories and I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing....but it was GOOD. I have THREE more lbs to go until I'm at my goal weight!!!So i really think i'll be blaming this quesadilla on my demise this week.  A co worker had given me tomatoes and they tasted amazing with my salad yesterday, and i decided i wanted to bake it in the oven and smother it with cheese. I did. it was so juicy that it left a soup behind....makes you want some heirlooms huh????
look into their "eyes"

Here's something new from me...Pinterest fads i hope die soon....

NO...this looks stupid.
1-2-3 cakes taste nasty. 
stuff like's not pretty. well, i don't think it's pretty...
I know, I know...I am just not a fan of colored jeans. white, black and all colors of denim yes...but I grew up in the 80's, fashion like that was just terrible and i don't see it as pretty....

ok well that's enough today...have a great one.


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...


Well, here I am commenting! I really enjoy your blog - you have such a lovely way of writing. Really warm and funny.

And I'm TOTALLY with you on the coloured jeans...and 1-2-3 cakes!


Jacky aka Queenijax said...

haha..thanks Sarah!!! awesome! I am NOT alone!!!