Friday, August 17, 2012

Less than a week....

Not that we know for certain, but i am pretty sure the Puppy, aka Delilah, will be going to her new home. We have her appointment set on Saturday for her spay and they are nice enough to monitor her through the night and pick up is on Sunday! Animal Care Clinic of El Sobrante was listed as a great place to take your pup for a spay/neuter on BadRap's website and they were right; affordable and i got right in!

What would you do if someone was harming their dog?
I opened up the ASPCA email about a pup that was thrown out of a moving car in New Jersey.  I know it's hard to notice much while your driving, but didn't anyone see this? Who in their SICK mind did this? Why? Why would someone think this was a great idea? When are authorities going to realize that these animal abusers are criminals in EVERY sense of the word? I hope someone turns in the fucker who did this and makes a HUGE example of the dickhead. Put him in jail. Let's see how many guys in the pen like the dude who threw a puppy out the window.....
If you know any information or want to read about this horrific story visit this ASPCA link

ok, back to the question at hand. What would you do? I would probably say "hey, what are you doing?" and if they responded with some stupid ass remark i'd call the cops. yup i would. Not ashamed to admit it and I'd rather the dog go to the pound and try to find a home elsewhere than be stuck with some jackass who kicks his dog for fun. 

BREATHE.... outfit sucks today

How the heck do i get rid of flies in my yard???? Sure I've researched bees 
Alrighty all. Gots to leave ya.
have a great weekend.

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