Wednesday, August 29, 2012

and howdy doody to you....

Sorry I'm late. Busy, busy day!! But here i am, nice and sweaty and out of breath because I rushed to get here! Ok...well what should we talk about today?

Positive thinking.... that is a major component to my pain class. I've often thought about how sometimes I check in too much, know what i mean? I ask "how are you doing?" and i quickly scan my body for tight spots. It's kind of a not so positive way to talk to myself. I learned that negative thinking causes stress (duh) but also causes tension (double duh) and then the pain appears worse (triple duh)-I KNOW THIS!! so why do i find it so hard to do the opposite and just be or instead of trying to find the pain or scan myself for pain spots, why don't i just think things that make me laugh or tell myself positive things? Why is it so hard???? Here I am talking to all of you and sounding Negative. Doesn't that fucking suck? lol. So this is my day 1 of trying to be more positive. So far my only mantra for when my brain begins to drift away are the words "positive thoughts". Laugh if you want, but it's distracting and strangely it makes me feel better. I can't stress too much that I don't have it down..because it's only day 1. So POSITIVE THOUGHTS Y'ALL.

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Gonna get my nails done! yahoo. a friend and i are going to get our pedi's done. I may get a mani to match. I don't want to brag or anything, but i was playing around with french manicure colors before it got to be a huge fad. I remember this lady asking me why i got my nails black and white, she thought they looked awesome. then she got it done too!!! Blue and red is a good color combo too. I think i want to do pink and gray or yellow and gray. hmmm here are some cool ideas:
so cute for halloween
pretty color combo click here for source
I'm pretty sure you get my drift. So all of these, except the bottom one, come from pinterest. If you know me or have been a close girlfriend of mine, you know that i can only do ONE color on my own nails; I lack this thing called patience. I always find i need to do pee, open a bottle, open a door...etc. while my nails are drying. I need to get more super drying nail colors!  I'll tell you what happens tomorrow.

I have friday off! yahooo. I am so stoked. 4 days off for this girl!

Positive Doggy Story of the day:
Today I share a story and a link to the video of a news report of Titan, the pitbull, who alerted his "dad" that his "mom" was injured. This story warmed my heart, because he was awarded a medal for his heroism. Thank you Titan. 
Here's the link to the video

alrighty all, have a wonderful rest of the day!!!

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