Wednesday, August 8, 2012

If you email a rescue organization, do they ever write back?

Gerr rescued a couple of pitty puppies on Sunday and brought them home. We lucked out and found a home for one. I emailed Rocket Dog Rescue, BADRAP rescue and three other rescues and have not heard a WORD! it's been a couple of days, I get it that these places may get a ton of emails, but since they don't have a phone number I'm confused how they're supposed to help anyone.

People: I'm at my wits end. I can't sleep with the howling and the screeching and then the peeing on the bed because we can't keep her locked in a crate all night with neighbors right below our house....This pup needs to find a home ASAP.

Yet why aren't these rescues answering their emails? That's the question i keep coming back to. How does a person like me get help???? Do i drop her off at the Humane Society and pray that she'll be fine? I saw that they have a couple of pitty pups on their website and that makes me happy, but i just don't get it...I thought these places helped people like us. People who do the right thing? I don't want to make any money from this, I want a happy home with GOOD people to take care of her....I feel like everything I've believed in about these rescues has just crumbled.

Makes you second guess helping an animal if you can't even get any help from these places. But that's just not me. I can't second guess helping an animal. I just have to. It's an instinct i carry with me. Animal in danger means I need to help it. But now what? It's so sad that not one has called. Not one of them cared enough to call.

I'm hoping in a blink of an eye it all changes and I have all 5 rescues calling me to at the least give me more information as to what I SHOULD DO! Who I can trust? If i can't trust these rescues in our area to call back about this matter, what CAN i trust them with? Are they all out for fame and money? is that all they care about?

I just want to find a home for this little pup. One that I will feel won't mistreat her, will love her unconditionally, will train her well and maybe exceed the expectations of those people who are anti pits. She's so young, the time to train is now....

i'm bummed.

P.S. I did get a call from A.R.F-and they gave me a list of rescues and places that can help me. Maybe things are looking up...

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