Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have a stupid back. very very stupid. wish i could say "you're fired", but it follows me everywhere i go and it's not so simple to detach and trade for a new one.  Last week my back hurt, i saw my acupuncturist and felt better, i even went to work the next day. I started feeling really good until yesterday evening. I took Bella for a walk with Gerry, came back made dinner and did some light yoga. Played with Bella around the house and sat down and bam, i don't know what happened but my back didn't like that. Now along with all of this I have this shoulder, neck and left arm pain and it's pretty damn annoying. Well, the result of all of this is I am praying for a chiropractor appointment today. My guess is I need to be aligned. still, what a pain in the ass.
  • There was frost on my windshield. It's actually THAT cold here in the Bay Area. About time, but really why am i not wearing a coat? 
  • Went to the chiro....i sprained part of my neck which is inflamed and therefore hurt a nerve ending and that is radiating down my arm....sigh. 
  • Now here's something interesting....a livingsocial deal in NYC for a chic shopping tour. Through the deal you pay 50 bucks and they take you to 5 affordable clothing stores with one of a kind only fear is what if it's not your style...and what is "affordable" in NY? a pair of $75 jeans maybe affordable for some people, but I seriously could never pay that much for jeans. if you're interested check out livingsocial.
  • I can't tell my chiropractor about my acupuncturist....he'll think i'm cheating on but seriously it's just one of those things.ahhhhh ice pack on my neck.....
  • really i'm not all that interesting today. I don't want to babble about my owies and i don't have much on my mind except for that. I do want to share with you something i have stumbled on and that's cyanide and happiness cartoons. kinda twisted kinda funny. there was one i didn't quite get, but for the most part they make me's todays
tootles y'all.

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