Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's too early in the year for PMS....

Early in the year yes, early in my cycle nope. it's right on time. And yes I just over shared on MY blog about PMS. I feel like a pent up dragon ready to breathe fire on my work and watch it go up in flames, all the while clapping my little hands attached to my too small know what i'm talking about:
  • Alrighty people, according to chinese astrology we are presently in the year of the dragon, so I'm going to take it as a major compliment that i feel like one. Read more about the year of the dragon by clicking here.
  • Hmm Bachmann dropped out of the race for president. Thank you. These female republicans are effing scary. Yes I do want a female president and I definitely would have voted for Hilary Clinton. IN NO WAY will i ever vote for a republican crazy woman, so thank you for stepping down. For some interestingly wacky quotes from this lady, click here. have yourself a laugh and thank your lucky stars that she's gone from the race.
  • oh As the day goes on-and it's only 9:30-my short fuse is sad i'm out of ativan. that would help. lol. even though it also makes me bitchy. lol. anyone else have that issue?
  • Sometimes I am too late to the party. Ideeli has these beautiful, fun and sexy dresses from La Cite. Unfortunately, many of them in my size have been nabbed. I shouldn't shop, but i love to look. AAAAAH saved by sold out items. except for one....should i buy this purse or not? Ir's Betsey Johnson. And thet more i look at it, the more i say no. cute but the chains would get caught in stuff. so nyet.
  •  ok I finally figured out how important models are. very. My personal opinion is that models should look good in the clothing they're trying to sell,but not too good. Almost pleasant to the eye but won't take away from the garment or whatever they're selling. Now I have found that some websites have very unattractive models and makes me shy away from purchasing certain items. Even ideeli has some models with certain features that makes me cower from clicking on a coat or even a face mask. 
  • A brand to watch: Darling. The clothes are darling and i'm kicking myself because I pretty  much missed the sale. Can I tell ya CUTE! Here are some sample of the cuteness that is Darling.

 i love that dresss!!!!

  • Gerry and I missed the meteor shower last night. I really wanted to see it, but sleeping is very important. Who the heck has meteor showers at 3-5 am??? Read up on the Quadrantids Meteor Shower
Alright i must leave you people. Have a wonderful day!!!!

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