Thursday, October 27, 2011

Brr Baby it's cold outside.

It was chilly this morning. Our tiny heater was on pushing hot air but it was still a bit nippy in our bedroom. I guess fall is finally here. Unfortunately in California a cold morning can quickly turn into a warm day. It's pretty difficult to dress for the day. I heard there was going to be snow in some eastern states...kind of soon don't ya think, mother nature?
  • Hey all of you jeggings lovers. They're being sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond, just FYI...19.99. I am not a jegging wearer, but thought it quite odd that they would be sold there. If it's your flavor I just helped you out, if not laugh about it.
  • Beautiful glassware on ideeli by Luigi Bormioli. Reminds me I need a gravy boat for Turkey day. 
  • Parved Cumpkins last night!! Fun fun fun. And of course in Jacky fashion I didn't take pictures. I will tonight!
  • Not sure where many people who read this blog are, but I'm thankful that I don't live in many states in this country. Some are closed minded, prejudiced and ignorant. Take for instance this article in KC dog blog. Hey let's NOT teach kids about dog bites, because you people showed up with a "pitbull" to the classroom, don't you know we're supposed to teach kids that "pitbulls" are mean? Ugh. I am sick of people. 
  • Remember that massage I got the boyfriend, well I can't get a refund for it. I guess i'll have to make an appointment and wing it. I'll be using this for myself. 
  • Since the above happened. I will also be making the appointment for the plane ride. I will definitely need a good book while i wait for him too. I heard a new Augusten Burroughs novel is out-i think it's an ebook...UGH it is.... Must get that though, shit i have to order it from Amazon. How sad is it that we don't have a local bookstore anymore? OH wait there's one a couple of exits in another town, still saddens me that one isn't close by though. Soon they'll all be gone. 
  • Errrr, Hautelook is selling wigs by Raquel Welch. errr k....
  • Major accomplishment of the day yesterday was JOGGING! I was able to jog about 3 block without stopping! I didn't run out of breath. My legs didn't feel like they were going to buckle. I was proud of myself. I deserve a medal here....
the medal has really nothing to do with my accomplishment, but i thought it was funny. :)
  • I can't wait for the weekend. I'm super excited to go to the corn maze and the haunted houses! 
  • Potluck for Halloween!! So I think I'm coming to work dressed as Victoria Stilwell-it's easy, i just need a stuffed dog. I have to bring something and I found a great idea on Pinterest!

Halloween Apple Pie

 ok time to go. I've wasted your time already. Go do something...hugs.

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