Monday, October 24, 2011

No fair.

Stomp stomp. Just not ready for this monday crap. I want a friggin vacation dammit. I'm effin tired. I even worked Saturday for one of my boyfriend's clients at her furniture sale. At least I made some money. I spent it on Bella bones, some craft stuff....I bought a homeless man a couple of hot dogs. That made me feel good. He was also getting a big sandwich from someone else. It felt good that there were other people who wanted to help this old guy out.
  • I'm pretty blank today. 
  • World Series, yah COME ON RANGERS! Can't wait until tonight's game!!!!
  • wow seriously i have nothing to say. 
  • OH the murder mystery dinner was a little cheesey, but the food was good and we had a good time. 
  • Ok i don't have time to read this, but it looks good so read it for me. 7 basic things you're doing wrong pooping is one of
  • hmm, super quiet for me today. I think i'll leave now before i just bore you all to death with not know what to say. hopefully be back tomorrow with the gift of gab.

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