Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Just breathe and listen to the Beatles.

Boppin in my la la..."i'll always be true, you know I love pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease love me dooooo" i can't help but be a little happy.
  • ok..i made yummy treats last night. Molded chocolate cheesecakes is a good tutorial. I used these rubber skull molds. I melted chocolate i found around the house and followed the directions. Unfortunately i should have used more chocolate and more filling, because the molds are a lot larger than the ones shown in the tutorial. My only problem is that the chocolate melts pretty quick...or maybe it's just my chocolate. lol. I'll take pics of these works of art later on today. oh and i tried to make them pops, but my pops weren't straight..hahaha...they were at an angle so they look all silly. shrug. they tasted goooood!.
  • i'm thinking I need to see the acupuncturist. But after looking at the calendar, it doesn't look like I can until the 22nd. BOOOOO. why does relief have to cost so much money. back and hips feeling off.....bleh.
  • Mentally feeling better...i think. lol. you can never be too sure with the brain..what do you think pooh?
 no answer, must be all the fluff...
  • Moses Lake, WA repeals it's dangerous breed ban. check out KC Dog Blog about the details. Pretty interesting stuff. Talks about infringement of civil rights and it's pretty impressive what one person did to repeal the stupid law. 
  • i woke up thinking about dinner again. I have ground beef defrosted and ready for something. I'm thinking some patty melts, but i can do something better...I may need to check pinterest to get some new ideas....follow me if you'd like! Oh wait...the goodies button doesn't work here and i can't find it on. My issue with pinterest is that there are a lot of error messages. As cool as it is, these issues need to be handled ASAP or else us pinterest addicts are going to go aggro. 
  • I may need an ativan today. 
  • I think i will try the chocolate chip oreo cookies tonight. I owe a friend some cookies.......
  • Every day i am going to say something I like about myself. I also thought of doing a photo project of my very own that doesn't include MR I don't like pictures. don't get me started on that. Anyway one thing that i like about myself. This is sorta hard, but I'm going to tell you that I like who I am because I like a lot of things. I don't stick to one spectrum of life, I like it all. Of course that goes for many things like religion, music, fashion, art, books etc. I try to practice acceptance. I guess that's more than one thing, but really that's something I really like about me. I try not to dress only one way, listen to one type of music, believe in only one thing...etc... there are different colors in the rainbow, if it was only one green arc i don't think we'd be so awed by it. 

 that felt sorta good. i kinda got a bit proud of myself. i'm wearing a grin. Apparently that's the sexiest thing about a woman. heehee.
  • OK, must do that mini meditation too...sometimes...smacking people is not the answer. remember that....
 and with that I must leave you. bugs and doves i gotta go....hugs.

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