Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Gerry.

Today is his birthday! He's 35 years young as my mom likes to call it. My mother is a wise woman I think she unlocked something in me yesterday that helped me see what the hell was wrong with me. off to our list.

  • I am a double edged sword. I sense things from people. I go off their emotions when they relate to me. If they're angry sometimes I get angry or if they're depressed most of the time I feel their pain. I've been in a super emotional, pissy ass mood and I couldn't figure out why. I thought "I'm going crazy.I will need new meds soon." I guess I'm hypersensitive and too much emotion leads me to feeling vulnerable which i don't like. I guess I like the part of me that can relate to you and feel for you. 
  • I did make a "cake". I will NOT share it with you because well it's not really a cake. I made little gingerbread skeleton men-which thank you to Emily for being the expert rib and pelvis decorator! I also made a little patch of dirt for his candles and 3 brownie muffin thingies which i decorated...pretty much looked like a 5 year old made it, but what the hell, it worked and I did it!
  • I'm not quite sure what we're doing today, we have tomorrow planned. I'm going to suggest the Cornmaze! Petaluma Cornmaze. we'll be in the area....

 Yes people looky here it's Dinocorn as DINOMOVER! In honor of Gerry's birthday.
  • For us Blogger people we can see how many people have looked at our blog in one day, it's more like we can see how many visits and then we can see where it came from, like if it was linked from Google or another person's page etc....For example, yesterday i got 34 views. Woohooo me...right? Well where did they come from? Some referring sites are ESPN-must be the whole baseball thing and probably has to do with the pics i borrowed from their site, google images...which now becomes interesting....people look for the strangest things. I also get to see what people have typed into google that led them to me..look below...i just copied and pasted...but really??? Big Shitty muffin? How in the world did that lead you to me..Should have said heavenly large muffin....people...
how to train your dragon pumpkin

winnie flags

big shitty muffin

colorful little pony

french rolling pin for sale

hilarious quotes

immagini di winnie the pooh baby

kim kardshian ass feed me

pickle de winnie pooh

rainymood qoutes

  •  oh yeah...WEEEEEN!
  •  and for those non Ween people, this helped me get dressed this morning...
  • Fit day 2-I did 20 push ups, weights, jumping jacks and crunches like that poster says. I didn't do yoga or hike because i was busy with Gerry's am birthday surprise. but i still feel good. I did weigh myself and well i am unhappy with the number. If a month goes by and i haven't lost a thing, i'm trying the HCG diet. :)
  • what else...oh i started picture project Aging Jacky...took picture 1. lol. we'll see how this goes. probably will scare the crap out of me in a year. Do I really want to do this???? 
Well i must do other things besides talk with you. Gerry wants to make an apple pie this weekend so that's part of the plan! It will be fun!

have a wonderful weekend and be safe. hugs!

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