Wednesday, October 26, 2011

After these messages....We'll be right back.

so I'm back today. Yesterday I was a bit too philosophical. which if you got it, then good if you didn't well then you didn't. Now on with the show.
  • So you've always wanted a Hermes bag. Well Ideeli is selling them. This blue birkin bag is 15k.
now if you look online there are a lot of "deals" for this bag for 250 bucks. is it real? what the hells the difference? and thirdly do i care? no...not really...i would like this in black though preferably in the $20 price range.
  • Can you believe Gerry still has NOT made up his mind on what to get for his birthday??? It's been like 2 months that I first brought up the ideas an airplane flight OR a helicopter flight....Well guess what appeared today on Livingsocial????? FLIGHT FLIGHT FLIGHT in a plane and it's 2 hours long and a good price. I gave him an hour exactly. If he doesn't make up his mind. I get to make it up for him. Either way he'll have a blast right? 
  • ok i have to insert this video here because #1 it's cute, #2 i learned something new about alpacas and #3 it's cute....
Some albino alpacas do have pink nails...
  •  We cannot forgot about game 6 tonight!!!! come on Rangers!!!! 
  • AND WE GOT A BIRTHDAY PRESENT DECISION!!!! Airplane!!! Bought it. Good thing i saved up some money for it. :) super stoked. Once i get this voucher i'm calling to make an appointment! I can't wait for him to fly!!!
  • Praying that this weekend goes as planned...well as I Friday Corn Maze 9 bucks a person and definitely worth it! Then crossing my fingers Saturday-Pirates of Emerson-20 bucks buys you 5 haunted houses AND a mental maze. I want to buy the tickets this week online, i hate waiting in lines for 
  • Have you carved your pumpkin yet??? me neither. it's sitting on our steps and i want to carve!!! Tonight may be the end of the world series, so maybe i can do it tomorrow??? lol..I want to spray paint my pumpkin half black and half white...i think it would look cool  and then i'd carve a face....we'll see!!!
Ok i gotta run. have a great day luffs.

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