Thursday, October 13, 2011

What in the world happened to me?

I know i can't be perfect every day in this little life I have, but did you ever wake up and go what the heck??? What happened to me? Am I just moody this month, this year, this decade? what the heck? or maybe this time of year is harder for me. Maybe I'm sentimental about many things. I'm sensitive to everything, every word, every action towards me. I wish i was harder and sometimes I pretend to be. Maybe this is more than anyone needs to know. I woke up at about 5 am this morning from a dream where Gerry and I were looking at pictures from our past, i woke up uncomfortable and wondered where was that "me"? The me that lived on the house that the past built-where there were no regrets just lessons which pushed me to be a better person going forward?  Strange, huh? Let's get on with the show, shall we?
  • Remember the other day I posted that picture on my  today is a new day post. Well i started, anyone else???? super easy. I also hiked and did yoga. Today I'm not hiking, but I will do yoga, day 2 of the starters exercise plan, wall squats and weights. I will weigh myself in 30 days using yesterday as the starting date, so let's see what happens. 
  • I didn't make what i thought i was going to make yesterday which ofcourse you didn't know what i was that made so much sense. I made burgers! i am eating a patty right as we speak...err write...
  • What I like about myself today? hmmm, i like my hair and makeup...does that count? I think i already went too deep today. 
  • musica for you??? oh yes...
  • alright so tomorrow starts the birthday boy's weekend. not really since he has to work, but if your birthday is on a friday you have a whole weekend to play bratty bday kid. 
  • have you seen this??? are you a woman??? do you love chocolate? if you're a woman you love chocolate, so looky here...2 ingredient chocolate mousse HELLO heaven!!!! let's make this...
  • precious moments are far to come by, hold them tight and remember them always.
  • yes i do sound like a hallmark card there.
  • ok i gotta run. try the chocolate mousse thing, enjoy the bangles and hopefully tomorrow we'll be fitter and leaner than yesterday....well atleast we'll weigh the same as the day before after the mousse..right?

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