Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a mighty GROWL.

GRRRRRR. Maybe not a growl but a big fat GRRRR. Do not get me started with last nights game and a pitcher that I find to be terrible during the playoffs. Since i can't watch the yankees play during the normal season, i can only tell you that Sabathia sucks during the playoffs. Joe Girardi should have pulled him off after his 3rd walk. sigh...sorry baseball talk can be boring, but i'm just pissed. Tonight is their last chance to tie it up and bring it home on Thursday.
  • Let's continue with sports, so the "Are you ready for some football?" song is to be retired, because of something Hank Williams Jr said. I heard what he said was pretty shocked to hear him compare our president to Hitler-very extreme and idiotic for the song, I didn't mind it. I don't believe Hank is the brightest bulb on a christmas tree, but oh well i guess you pay for being ignorant...right? May I ask why they were talking to him about his the run for the white house? Who cares what he thinks to begin with?

  •  I want to go to Disneyland for Christmas. I can't figure out what's the cheaper route. Driving our car? Getting a motel? taking Bella with us? Who would she stay with? Who do I trust with our dog????? BLARGH. I want her to come. She's always so much fun. Will Em and Mem come with us? I keep saying I need to plan this soon-the year is pretty much almost over.I know it's sad to say, but when I look at the calendar i only have 15 days worth of options. that's not much. I don't think Gerry quite understands. We still need passports too. I guess i gotta push the passport pics this weekend.
  •  I want these.....aren't they cute??? you can't get these lost in baggage claim!!!
  • i'm soooo busy over here...ugh
  • i made sinful snicker chocolate chip cookies last night. basically a peice of a snickers bar in a ball of cookie dough, bake and enjoy. i brought them into work and they're calling my name.   I better give them out soon....

Alrighty folks.i must go...i'll be back later...

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