Tuesday, October 18, 2011

13 More Days until Halloween!!!

I'm so excited. I don't even know why. We watched "the Unborn" last night. It was pretty good. We rented some movies-how 90's of us! We also got Horrible Bosses and Hanna-two great movies that I cannot wait to see! Tomorrow can't be a movie night though. 10 bucks for the person that guesses why. Here you go if you guessed right...

  • I just read the news about racer Dan Wheldon and how he spent his last night with his wife before he died in a horrible crash. I don't really know anything about race car drivers, but it made me really sad. I'm so glad that he had a good life with a beautiful woman who gave him love, laughter and children. Rest in Peace. Here's the yahoo link.
  • Just in case you need to look into couples therapy, look here and read about what you need to ask before you pick someone. 
  • As you probably guessed i'm having second thoughts about the counselor we have. All of a sudden it felt like it's all me and nothing Gerry. We're two people and my baggage isn't the only thing holding us back. I feel a bit blamed and now rushed that I need to see someone ASAP in order to work on my personal issues or my world may fall apart. His words resonated in my head how the relationship will be as good as the work I put into it. Hey BUDDY, I've been doing most of the friggin work here-AND i've been doing a pretty damn good job. Sure I'm not perfect, but for the most part I think I've helped "us". I do agree I need to see my psych about my stuff. I just don't like the pressure. 
  • LOL here's an will make you think Holding a grudge against your spouse
  • So baking this week. I think i'll be making some turnovers...i should make a pie too. Gerry picked some wild apples for us. So i will make him something yummy. I think apple pie, apple turnovers and I want to try this amazing looking apple caramel cheesecake. ok, this is a cookie bar recipe by picky palate. I'll probably use graham cracker crust, make my cheesecake filling, use the apples I have and layer that filling on top. I will buy the caramel candies because that will help my sanity-I've never made homemade caramel and the only other recipe I've found requires hours of boiling a can of condensed milk. Too much work. :) I'll take a picture when I have a chance, for now here's theirs....
  • OH so i did shop this weekend. I bought this super cute dress at a vintage store for 10 bucks. My only problem is, I need a belt. one of those waist belts, which i've never had or wanted, but if i want to wear this dress it's the only way it will work. It's a bit sacky. i need my stylish friend Emily to help me with this, before I give up on it. The store I went to is called Magpie in Fairfax CA.
  • i bought tea tree oil last night. I need to see if this Martha Stewart thing works. Supposedly if you have dish soap, baking soda, water and tea tree oil, you'll get's the link
  • ugh...Ok for anyone doing the HCG diet I give you props. I may do it, but with 10 lbs to lose, I just feel like the diet isn't for me. Mentally the effect of losing weight so fast may lead me to desire an even more drastic weight loss. I know i can do it this way. exercise, portion control and a lot of water. 
  • yesterday, i hiked with Bella-who was a naughty girl when I told her to come and she didn't-she'll be better today, did fast yoga-hey i had to watch a movie. I did have a large amounts of Veggies with my chicken. We all have to be honest with ourselves though. Fall and the beginning of winter are the worst times to start a diet. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Come on...really??? I just have to stay at a nice weight so that I can fit into that damn dress. lol. 
Alrighty peeps. must boogie. Have a wonderful day! hugs thugs.

 love this doll!

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