Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I'm a bad girl.

yup. i am. or maybe i'm not....Is it just me or I'm seriously living paycheck to paycheck, even with a tiny savings that I can't touch i feel broker than broke.  I've pretty much put the credit cards on hold-there are only 2 don't think i'm some crazy shopaholic....But UGH! I need to go food shopping, buy some meds, vitamins, CONDITIONER!!! sigh. I'm feeling super stressed out, yet I'm trying to figure out how i did it before....could it be that I was using my credit card more than i think i was?
yup shame on me......
  • Good things are happening though next year. I'll only owe in credit cards but not car or federal taxes-yeah i fucked up there in 2009, not one of my proudest moments. Let me tell you something that the financing companies do to fuck you in the end. For anyone that has a car loan through a financing company you'll get letters with your bill that congratulate you for being a great customer and if you want SKIP THIS MONTH'S PAYMENT! Don't do it, you will wind up paying for it on your final payment. I'm finally down to two more payments and the last payment will be twice as much because i fell for it-yup that month i really did need that extra money, so I don't feel too bad, but here we are and looks like that extra amount will be put on my credit card....I can't help it, i have to put it on there, but atleast the car will be officially MINE and I won't owe them anything.
  • tonight is GAME 1 of the World Series! Here's your like to game starts at 4:30 on FOX. I'm already auto-tuned and my after work exercises are on hold. Sorry Bella.
  • What's for dinner in our broke house? Well No meat today since we're out. I figure a homemade gooey mac and cheese with some corn and use my anxious energy to make that dessert I was thinking about yesterday......funny thing, no matter how many times I told Gerry "we don't have any meat or chicken or anything for the next three days" it's like he didn't hear me. Well we'll see what happens when he doesn't get any for the next couple of nights, he probably won't even care. lol. I could probably give him a well seasoned mixture of food in a trough and he would nod and eat. hahaha. i can see it. 
  •   oh where did i go! my brain froze and i don't know what to talk about next...i'm excited about tonights game. Instead of the hike, i'll have to do squats, yoga, weights and the such...but tomorrow i have to hit the hill again. Can't do that to my dog AND it will only be the beginning of game 2, so that's ok!
 i must say goodbye! see you tomorrow!!! GO RANGERS!

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Mamichachi said...

I'm rooting for the Cardinals - like the color red I guess. Will watch too - may the best team win!!!GO BASEBALL!!!