Friday, October 7, 2011

well what are you gonna do???

Yup, the yanks lost last night. I won't point any fingers...ahem Sabbathia...i didn't say a word. If he didn't pitch that one game, Detroit would not have won...guarantee it...but...ahem it's no one's fault. Well we Yankee fans have to wait for next year.....
  • i was out yesterday due to feeling like shit. I have a headache, but it's not as bad as yesterdays waves of caca. So I think i'm a bit better. must drink a lot of water. I brought soup, but came to find out that my work is buying us lunch! So i ordered the nachos. lol. 
  • Since it's friday and I dont' feel like total death, I am taking my poor dog to play and play and play. yes that means throwing the ball until she doesn't want it any longer. I guess I should be thankful that I won't be watching these playoff games.
  • Now will i be watching the World Series? Probably. we'll see who makes it there......
  • I'm one of those people who lacks patience. I love trying ideas i find from pinterest, but i finally found one that took too long to give me any results and now i never want to do it out dos family lace lamp.. I guess i read it somewhere else, to use water down glue and just douse the lace...well i had lace...i think i'll try to use mod podge and no water later on today, i may have a tiny bit of lace left. they're kinda cool...
  • oooh 50 bucks buys you Calvin Klein rain boots on ideeli. too cute!
  • My photo project looks soooo coooool. I can't wait to show you guys...but i have like 22 more days...soooo you'll just have to wait. 
  • my poor coffee table has gotten no love from me. Hoping to go with Gerry to Home Depot either tonight or tomorrow to look at tile! i'm so excited!
  • BUT if the rain wants to last for a couple of days i'm ok with that. It's sunny today, but I welcome weather changes....
  • I love scarves. I love mittens...i love gloves...can't wait to start wearing them again...i know i'm a freak!
i'll try to come back later with some more project ideas i'm biting off get to see a friend i haven't seen in years tomorrow and i'm uber excited!!!! anywhoo hugs bugs!

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