Monday, August 12, 2013

Wow! Thanks Peeps

I'm not sure how or why, but i've been receiving a lot of comments lately and it's made me kind of sad, because it really is hard to get back on here and write when i don't have a lot of time in my day. but seriously, i should come back and write something...right?

Well, at this very moment i'm trying to eat my wanna be lean cuisine super slow and making sure there are no specks of rice left on it. IT COUNTS...the calories are plainly written on the back and will only count if you eat it ALL!
So am i on a diet? I think i'll be on one for the rest of my life. What do i want to lose? 5 pounds. That's all. just 5 fucking pounds. Pardon mon francais. But it's true. I have been trying to lose 5 pounds for like 2 years. But that's it...i've had enough. last week i added a couple of hills to my dog walks and now instead of 40 minutes we're at an hour. I also haven't mentioned to you that we went on vacation a few weeks ago and my boyfriend and i only ate fried crap and didn't eat any fine cuisine (which i would have much preferred because i'm turning into a food snob). yeah, i sorta gained like 3 lbs. and then Aunt Flo hits and she's like "bitch, i'm giving you a bloat that makes people think you're preggers." BLARGH! Anyway...i finally lost 1 lb...and i'll see if tomorrow i've lost anything...sigh.
Losing weight when you're body is comfortable with what you weigh is the's also the most depressing, because you go up and down like a fucking yo yo and you can't believe that one day you're 143 and the next day you've gained 4 pounds...i'ts like i get it, i'm constipated, but that doesn't mean i'm holding 4 lbs of shite. sigh, don't mean to get graphic, but really ladies, I know that you know what i mean....

and with this i'm out...

have a great day!!!

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