Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Not a fan...

Yes. I am not a fan of burning man... make it a one day festival and i'll check that shit out, otherwise never wanted to go and never will.  Gerr is there as we speak enjoying the crazy festivities in the dessert and he's probably already run out of Rockstar because dude has no idea how to ration his precious Rockstar.  So since I'm talking about burningman and everything, this is what i got in my mailbox.

Gerr left last week. I've been officially alone since friday. it's been  pretty quiet except for the english accents on my TV. I'm watching the Tudors....I love the friggin Tudors. I'm enjoying my quiet life. I kinda like it. 

Hey it's like Boot week over here....look at these!!
these are on and they're 75 bucks. Only con, they're made in China? BUT they're cute. So it's kinda up to you...

On ideeli....i can't wear heels (thank god) and they don't h ave my size (phew)...these are beautiful. BCBGeneration 109.99. 

ok one more i saw on
pretty Rockport boots. $125.00 (also made in China, but i've heard of Rockport...hmm maybe i shouldn't complain about it being made in China anymore???)

Where have i been??? People FINALLY!!! yes that means h&m finally has joined the world of online shopping. 

so as you can tell i have nothing great to say. So just buy these boots and tell me how much you love them. It's boot season!

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