Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hey look another post!!!

Yeah's me again...

look what i saw yesterday at my local Safeway parking lot ..
yes those are 5 eggs and one lonely egg right by the line that separates the two cars....
now the following could be true:
a. they're bowling.
b. these eggs were escaping Safeway. 
c. it's art.
d. they watched Finding Nemo too many times and thought an egg was their best escape, i guess it could be shrimp escaping from the seafood department.
e. it's a prank of some sort.

still i really appreciated this eggciting randomness that i couldn't help but take a picture and leave the eggs where they were.....i just couldn't move them....was that bad???

 today i weigh 146. a week ago i was 144. GRRRR!!! I'm thinking i need to clean my scale a bit better, maybe i have two pounds of dirt on it or something....

You should know about
It's really really cool. I'm in bold right it's friggin cool...
The basics: you pay either 49 for one item of your choice and they ship you one extra item. or you pay 149 and you get 6-7 items and you choose two! you gotta check it out I'm super happy about it. I got some great items and i love that i can write in what i don't like and/or would never wear and they go shopping for me and choose cool items. there was ONE thing i didn't like but i am going to gift it, because it's well made and it would definitely look good on someone else. Check out these pics of two of the dresses i chose.

i know..i look kinda stupid..haha. my face and all....but this is the most comfiest and cutest dress ever. I need to buy a belt for it.

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Have a great day all!!!

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