Monday, August 26, 2013

And here you go ladies, I've lost a pound....

or is it I lost a boyfriend to the infamous Burning Man festival so therefore my appetite has been lost....ok that's bull crap, seriously i almost bought some cookie dough last night to fulfill my sweet tooth. I know i can't prove it just yet, but it may be my Zaggora capris...check it out, it's neoprene (wet suit type of material) and seriously makes you sweat! i was drenched after a normal hour of walking my dogs. Not really sure if that's the reason why i lost a pound, but whatever, i finally lost another one and I'm super happy!!

I've started using a new app called we heart pics-It's kinda like instagram except you can search close to you and there are different categories your pics can go under. It's a neat thing, for those of us (ahem, all of us) who like to post tons of artsy pics of ourselves. lol.

yup that is me. and say hello to your new friend camera 360. fun photo app!!!

so boots are back people..i love boots. LOVE LOVE LOVE boots. just to show you how much i love boots i will share with you all of my favorites TODAY that are on sale...

80 bucks from Sole Society.  I really like this color-Dark Camel...faux leather. 80 bucks for faux leather makes me not want to buy it...20 bucks cheaper and then i would grab these...still these are super cute. I will be looking for something like these above.

oh gosh...these are the ultimate riding boots and they're real leather hence the in the 300's. These are Frye riding boots found at Country outfitter. The picture will take you to my pinterest page and then to country outfitter.....yum....these boots are just yummy.

Ok so these are the only two boots i'd figure i'd mention. two different price tags...

well that's all for me. lots o love.

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