Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am your human Yo Yo and a lot of whining.

yesterday 144, today 145.6. The scale must be broken. ok maybe not. Weight loss is tricky. You'd think we could just stay one weight at one time each day in order to get an accurate reading of what your TRUE weight is. It's disappointing, but to be honest I can think of a couple of things that affect this number; like going to the bathroom. People it does make a difference. HEALTHY BOWEL MOVEMENTS are important dammit. sigh. i can't talk to you guys about my bowel movements that would be embarrassing. lol

lets move on.

It's hard to be honest with friends. I used to be that person who would tell you straight to your face how you were fucking something up or that you were behaving ridiculously and needed to grow up etc.... I have learned in the last couple of years that unless the person asks for my complete honest and blunt opinion, I am to carefully watch my tongue and not let anything too truthful come out. At some point they'll either realize their foolishness from three or four months past or they'll keep repeating their mistakes and when they come crying to me with their "why's" and "how could this happen?" they'll look at my blank stare and I would have that i could have told you so look and still keep my mouth shut...
I truly do not try to hurt my friends feelings. I really don't. I want to help my friends and they usually come to me for advice, the only problem is I am sure the advice they want isn't what i am going to say. SURE, sometimes it's "Please i want to know what you think" and i say you want me to be blunt. I see the huge gulp and swallow in their throat and then i let it out. some people turn white, mostly guys are the ones who say "thanks". shrug. I'm learning to just keep it in, say i told you so with my inside voice and carry on...i have to get more zen though, this shit just gets outta hand sometimes. the feelings trapped inside want to erupt with hot lava profanities and jabs to the throat (metaphors. I don't really believe in violence).

I think there's something in the air today...people at work are whiney bastards. Maybe i shouldn't be around humans for a while...but no seriously, one lady said she was shorted a quarter of an hour....on a TIMECLOCK HANDSCANNER??!!!! So she shorted herself BUT she wants to keep the quarter of an hour overtime because she chatted with a co worker before she left one day and it took awhile to clock out. Uhm no...that is not what we're enforcing here and i'm not going to let my boss get all soft with this crap...people are just all about pleasing themselves, not doing what's right or honest...ugh...

so that's all for today.

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