Tuesday, August 16, 2011

and a very Good Morning to you....

Yes i am sleepy-that never changes, does it???? But i am in a good mood! why? I dunno. Just in a good mood. I had a great night.
  • Last night we went and saw the Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I had several "I don't like this movie" moments while tears fell from my eyes and I'm trying to hide my face, because the violence towards animals was intense, but that's what made it authentic. And if it can do that to me, it will to a lot of people and creating emotions is a movie's purpose-not just a plot and some actors. Good movie, must see and be prepared emotionally.
  •  Sometimes I actually learn something from the Eat this, Not that website, sometimes their top ten lists are blatantly obvious that I often wonder why i subscribe to their newsletter, but today's list actually makes sense. Check out their Worst Supermarket Ripoffs. They list organic onions and avocados as a rip off because most vegetables that you have to peel aren't as susceptible to contamination, such as lettuce. Actually not a bad list, go check out their
  • I'm officially addicted to this trail mix. Once this humongo bag is done, we're heading to Costco. I will need more of this crack. 
  • If I didn't tell you there were some cute dresses by Shelli Segal on Hautelook, what kind of friend would I be? they're cute, prices are good too. enjoy. 
  • I will be reminding myself to scoop up each and every opportunity Gerr gives me to do something special. Last night was funny, he had one plan and then decided that he wanted to go to a movie with me, that is if I was up to it. But I knew what his other plan was which I felt if he needed to go that he should...see where I'm going here....well, the fact that he said he wanted to go to a movie with me was and will be good enough. BIG Sign saying "I want to have a date night with you." hehe..smiles. 
  • Why do some old Depeche Mode songs sound like they were played with Casio keyboards-cheesey beats down to fake piano and organ sounds???? Love them, but some songs I ask the new wave gods, "why?" I've received no answer by the way.
  • Ideeli must be having problems, haven't been able to log 
  • Y'all will have to wait for my whole dog post soon...I'm still a bit pissed off. 
  • oooh we may go camping in a few weeks...sort of excited about that! it's not our site or anything, but it's nice to maybe going with some normal people. hehe.
  • Did I tell ya? Did I tell ya??? We may be going to Disneyland in October...I want to go! i want to go. And lookie what I see on sunset magazine online tips for surviving disneyland. If you're like Gerry and I, you can do both parks in one day. Usually that means running from one park to another, planning the day like an excited little kid on too much sugar, using your fastpass until it's get my drift. I am hoping the next trip is pure disneyland hysteria-meaning TWO days of the happiest place on Earth! That's what I want! Ofcourse, I always get sad about leaving Bella behind. they do have a doggy kennel, which may ofcourse help us out here....thank god for yelp reviews. Maybe on the next trip we should just try it. Dope her up a

Alright peeps. I've gotta run. Have a great day! Enjoy life and be thankful for everything you've got. Hugs and smooches.

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